Comfort and technology for people in every situation

ISIS IC GmbH was founded in 1999 and offers products and services in development in the field of wireless and mobile technology.

Wireless sensors and actoric are increasing rapidly in several application, especially in home and building automation, comfort and support solutions for older people in need.

Several applications concerning personal safety are launched in the market.

The Christofferus System for dementic persons is already wellknown in Germany and the latest wireless technology allows dementic people to move free indoor and outdoors.


ISIS IC GmbH offers development customized radiobased sensoric and actoric solutions starting with consulting and planning to prototype and pre-production.

Some of our solutions are patented, ISIS IC is offering basic systems like the DALI-Gateway or TCP/IP-to-x Gateways for individual use. You can find some solutions in addition to smartphone-App control in the App-Store or in google-play.